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This word, the founder of New Creation Baptist Church, received from the Lord on three separate occasions. When she received this word from the Lord in 1996 and subsequently in 2004, she could not fathom that the Lord was speaking this word for her to bring to pass. And consequently, she passed that word on to two male pastors who were in- between assignments. As a result, she was an integral part of the planning of two churches in the city of Lorain. However, the ministries that resulted were not in alignment with the vision she had received from God. Consequently, when the word of the Lord came a third time, she found herself in a position where there was no one to whom she could give the assignment. Only then, did she come to terms with the fact that the Lord had been speaking to her and not through her.

We need a new ministry in this city was the word that kept resonating in her spirit - a balanced ministry; a ministry of both word and spirit, a ministry that reaches out to the lost and a ministry that seeks to touch and transform the community in which it lives, a ministry full of fire and focus.

Transforming Lives Through a Ministry of Power. This is the mission that the Lord gave our founder, Rev. Marilyn Parker-Jeffries for New Creation Baptist Church.

Our founder had a life changing conversation with the Lord. "If this is a work, you want me to do," she said, "You will have to speak it to my husband." Several weeks later, her husband, Abraham came to her and said, "You need to start your own ministry." As she shared her vision with dechurched people, three people responded, "If you start it, we are with you."

And although it is currently popular in the Kingdom as a new plant not to associate one's self with a mainline denomination, the Lord spoke otherwise to our founder. New Creation Baptist Church is unashamedly Baptist and the breaking up of the pervasive misogyny within the denomination is part of our founder's assignment.

As a result, on September 11, 2007, at 7:00 p.m., the first meeting of New Creation Baptist Church was held at 3268 Victory Avenue in Lorain, Ohio to share the vision.

Following the presentation of the vision and the mission, those in attendance were asked to seek the Lord's guidance in making a commitment to becoming a part of this ministry. All were invited to continue meeting for study on Tuesday nights at 7:00 p.m.

On Sunday, November 4, 2007, New Creation Baptist Church held its first worship service at The Gould Auditorium of the St. Joseph's Community Center. God was gracious in opening the door to the Gould Auditorium. The weekly cost for the facility was dependent upon the number of people in attendance and was not a rental fee, but a housekeeping fee. To God be the glory!

On December 23, 2007, the church baptized its first three candidates at Compassion Baptist Church in Lorain, Ohio and God began to add to the church.

On January 20, 2008, a number of those who had attended the organizational meeting and subsequent Bible studies and worship services made the commitment to officially become members of New Creation.On February 22, the church held its first Annual Black History Program for the purpose of expressing our spiritual and cultural heritage and legacy. This was the church's first effort in building relationships with the community.

God continued to show favor to the ministry in a number of ways. Through perseverance, on Wednesday February 5, 2008, the church was able to move its Bible Study from the Masonic Lodge to the Chapel located in the Community Center. This facility was more conducive for teaching purposes and was acquired at the same cost.

On Sunday, March 23, 2008, the church spearheaded a Sunrise Easter Concert in partnership with members of several other churches in the community. This event was an expression of the church's commitment to relationship building not just in our church family but in the community of faith.

By God's grace the current ministries that are in operation are music ministry with a Praise and Worship Team, Youth Praise Dance Ministry, Mid-week Bible Study, Intercessory Prayer Ministry and Youth Ministry which meets monthly. The church has also developed a partnership with Reclaim Lorain, an organization for grassroots community organizing and has also started a Men's Ministry.

In responding to the needs in the community, the church has partnered with the neighborhood house association in the "Walk for the Homeless" as well as its "Adopt a Child for Christmas" program. church has also partnered with "The Key" A Residential Treatment Facility to provide spiritual programming to women in recovery. To God be the glory!